Thursday, August 2, 2012

See how self deprecating I can be. It's all true. I'm a rube.
I am a self-deprecationist.

In a world where it's possible to be sued for hurt feelings and bad fashion choices, I feel more comfortable writing humor that is self deprecating. I am confident that I will not sue myself. I can't say the same about various members of my family, so I pay them off with bad cooking on Sunday.

I read a blog that claims that humor that is personal can only be done by the masters: Ray Romano, Bill Cosby, Ronald McDonald. People want more generic topics: the mating habits of the drunk;  famous drunks that divorce a lot; global warming.  I suppose. But I'm too afraid to make fun of you. You might know a lawyer or a hit man.

So for now, I will remain a self-deprecationist.

I will make fun of myself and those people that come to dinner on Sunday, and invite you to watch--also your hit man.

Linda (What a Rube) Zern 

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