Friday, August 3, 2012

Alligators and Air Boats and Details

An alligator’s jaw muscles are designed to bite down, to grip, and to hold its prey. An alligator can crush bone when it bites down. The muscles that open the gator’s mouth are relatively weak; electrical or duct tape can hold a gator’s mouth shut, even the ones approaching the size of a canoe.

It’s a detail.

When you’re taking a lovely nap and your boys come in yelling, “Wake up, mom, and see what we caught with a chicken neck,” and then you wake up with a three-foot alligator dangling above your groggy head, it’s an important detail.

Conner got it right: ear protection, life vest,  and stay in the middle of the airboat.
I try to remember that when I write. Get the details right, the details matter.  

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