Tuesday, March 31, 2015


I have a blog called zippityzerns.blogspot.com. I write stuff for my zippityzern’s blog. Once in a while, I advertise a book, but I keep that greedy capitalism to a minimum. 

The stuff I write for my blog is funny stuff, because that’s what seems to come out of my head, like sneezes in the pollen soaked spring—the funny stuff that is, not the snot (that was just a metaphor). 

The hardest part of writing a blog is figuring out what code words you should list in the word code list so that people in Romania will be able to find your funny stuff in the haystack of blog stuff, funny and otherwise, that floats around the Internet like pollen looking for nostrils to torture.

Code words are key words or search words or label words with magic in them that capture the attention of readers, Romanians, also trolls.

On Mondays, I think code words work. On Thursdays, I’m sure they don’t. On Saturday, I suspect trolls of making my knuckles hurt. I don’t know why.

Based on my most “viewed” blog post (2995 page views) called “Hamster Infestation” with the key words—free wash machine, hamster, infestation, rat, and rodent removal—people seem attracted to the words free and infestation. 

I keep trying to figure it out. Is it the possibility that I might be giving away an infested wash machine that intrigues people or that the infestation is hamster-ish in nature?

I’m still working on the formula for attracting an infestation of blog followers, so that I can point to my blog follower infestation and say, “Look, I am funny and people do like me and that’s why the people clog my blog like an infestation of hamsters in a free wash machine on the curb of life. Don’t you want to give me some money?”

Linda (Word Puzzle) Zern 

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