Tuesday, June 21, 2016

LEARNING CURVE: Twists and Turns Ahead

I paid CreateSpace the money, cash on the barrelhead. 

It was worth every dollar to me, not to have to arm wrestle with some ridiculous piece of formatting when publishing my novel last year (2015). Beyond the Strandline is a 100-thousand word novel—with lots of words. (Yes, I know I’m being redundant. It’s absurd, and that’s why that’s funny.) 

The serious part of this discussion is that, one year after publication, I wanted to 1) replace one word in three places (thank you smart reader types) 2) correct one spelling error (not bad for 100 thousand words) and 3) add a small sub-heading to Chapter One (mostly for my mother-in-law).

What I learned on the learning curve of publishing: If you pay the CreateSpace team to format your manuscript they “lock” it. To make corrections you cannot submit changes on a self-service basis because it will send the system into a three-week, back and forth, telephone tagging, manager searching, frenzy of policy confusion. Yes you can. No you can’t. Call back on Monday.

You will NOT be able to make teeny-tiny changes to the manuscript without their help. Their help will cost an additional $79.00.

Good to know. Good to know. Now.

I liked having someone else do the formatting. I did. I really did. What I did not like was having no control over the finished product. But now I know, as I speed my way through the learning curve of 21st century publishing—also POD, PDF, HTML, HTTP, and other Babylonian mysteries. 

Linda (Curves Ahead) Zern


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