Thursday, September 10, 2015


"A quick vision of Tess as she’d crossed the sheep pasture a week ago, her unbraided hair a loose tumble of curls, flashed through his memory. It had looked like warm honey in the sunlight. She’d been hurrying on one of her endless errands, not the least of which was keeping her younger sisters on task and out of trouble.

He found himself doing that more and more, watching her from the shadows, telling himself that it was to help Colonel Kennedy keep an eye on her. Great. When had he become as bad as those silly girls [her sisters]?" (Richmond Parris from the novel, Beyond the Strandline)

BEYOND THE STRANDLINE:  Life after the collapse, life in a quonset hut, life in the middle of the Florida jungle, life for Tess and Parrish . . . (My Author Page)

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