Tuesday, December 4, 2012


  1.     Behold, we doth still tarry in the land of three sides and speak of our travails and triumphs there. In the year in which the Mayans spoke of as “the end of all things,” we doth still prosper, in that our numbers increased and our joy groweth strong.

2       And the begats consisted of both a new grand boy, which was called Griffen, and a new grand girl, which was called Hero. And thus were the numbers of our rising generation brought to nine.

3        And thus we did continue to party much with singing and with dancing and with glow sticks and with the playing of the vinyl records which I, even the YaYa, doth keep and preserve. And the rising generation doth enjoy both “Marching Band Music” and “The Beatles.”

4       Wo unto Poppy, who didst proclaim that the partying had grown too great, for we didst ignore him in his wo, and we didst dance about him while singing “Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang.”

5       And Poppy did ride forth on his horse, Miss Kitty, to practice much with the volunteer mounted posse, so that he might sally forth to apprehend those that did wickedly at “The Loop,” a place of much buying and selling and movie watching and petty theft.

6       And I, even the keeper of the records of my people, did accidently becometh a senior at Rollins College, in the land known as Winter Park. And many were astonished.

7       Even Aric, the eldest, did becometh engaged to one Lauren of Saint Cloud and there was rejoicing and thanks given.

8       In this selfsame year of 2012, Heather and Phillip didst begat Griffen, the last boy of four, in addition to Zoe. And Zoe didst weep when told that she wouldest have yet another brother.

9       In the same way, Maren and T. J. didst bring forth Hero, their second of two daughters, and they didst open a business on Fairbanks which they calleth “The Salon” and they didst become a small business and they didst “build that” themselves, yea after they were blessed by one who is called “rich.”

10    And the youngest of our offspring, even Adam, and his goodly wife Sarah waited with thanksgiving for the third of three daughters to be born unto them. And Emma didst rejoice in a sister in that she didst believe that a brother wouldest be a lot of trouble and wouldest want “to wrestle her up” like unto Zoe’s brothers who didst “wrestle up” all they saw.

11    And thus ended the twelfth year of the twenty-first century and we grew strong in the land of the three sides and we believed that our God did go before us as a pillar of fire, leading us in the way of truth and happiness.    

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